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Mitsubsihi XR-PHEV

Geneva Motor Show 2016
The Mitsubishi eX-Concept

Our up-coming compact electric crossover has been turning heads since its launch at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

Styled for the future

Mitsubsihi eX-Concept driving through water

Compact, sporty, nimble.

The eX-Concept takes the lessons we’ve learned from years of Automotive Innovation: the poise and power of the Lancer Evolution, the larger than life feel of the ASX and the refined futurism of the Outlander PHEV, and combines them into a bold new machine that blends elegance and SUV practicality with our award-winning EV technology.

Mitsubsihi eX-Concept interior shot

Shared DNA

Sporting a new version of the 2016 Outlander PHEV’s “Dynamic Shield”, the eX-Concept strikes out with a visual identity of its own, both inside and out.

Inside the eX-Concept has been meticulously designed to inspire your everyday adventures. Light and spacious with a sleek interior structure you can feel and our new Augmented Reality “Intelligent Display” windshield to give you all the information you need, right where you need it.

The Evolution of the Compact SUV Experience

Mitsubsihi eX-Concept interior shot

Next Generation EV System

The eX-Concept can achieve longer EV driving range and superior performance with the next generation of our drive battery technology. Greatly improved energy density and reduced weight of the EV system allows a driving range of over 240 miles.

Mitsubsihi eX-Concept Concept shot

Enhancing Reality

Using Augmented Reality technology, information is displayed on the windshield showing safety information, navigation data and even information from road signs in your vicinity.

Mitsubsihi eX-Concept Front on shot

Intelligent Display

Located in the upper part of the instrument housing, the “Intelligent Display” provides a portal to a whole range of driving information. Linked to the navigation app on a smartphone, it can display route guidance.

Search information through a smartphone or PC is shared with AI via the Cloud and the car will display the driver’s requested internet search information. The AI function of the Intelligent Display will make recommendations based on understanding of the driver’s interests and hobbies.

Mitsubsihi eX-Concept Side on shot

Connected Technologies

Our advanced connected car technology integrates the eX-Concept with information networks like never before. Mitsubishi Connect offers a wider variety of services and brings a greater richness for the time spent in the car: artificial intelligence services linked to the Cloud can match information stored from internet search or places visited with passengers’ interests and tastes. When the artificial intelligence service picks up information related to that in the Cloud while driving, it makes recommendations based on such information and can even send coupons to the occupants’ smartphone.

Mitsubsihi eX-Concept

Camera Mirrors

The eX Concept’s mirror system makes use of cameras:

Side view monitors

Located on either side of the main instrument housing, Side View Monitors replace traditional door mirrors. They use high-definition cameras fitted to the car body to display the rearward view and so reduce the amount of eye movement the driver has to make.

Rear view monitor

Replacing the traditional rear view mirror, a rear view monitor is mounted in the overhead console using a high-definition camera at the rear of the car. It provides a wider and clearer image of the view behind the car than a conventional rear view mirror.

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